We all know very well that how the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus skipped OnePlus 4 simply to launch the OnePlus 5 directly, as in China the number four is a number associated with bad luck. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus to skip OnePlus 6 to OnePlus 7 or 8.

OnePlus To Skip OnePlus 6 To OnePlus 7 or 8

In these last days OnePlus is having a special role today, despite having been a week with important launches of its competitors, now we know that the Asian firm could skip the established order and launch the OnePlus 7 or 8 directly.

Last Wednesday we knew the first official photo of the new OnePlus 6, filtered by the CEO of the company, which has now returned to give a talk with a mysterious message with the numbers as protagonists.

As you may recall, OnePlus skipped the OnePlus 4 to launch the OnePlus 5 directly, although for a very good reason, since in China the number four is a number associated with bad luck, so the decision is even logical for the Asian firm.

Now a mysterious message in Chinese social networks has created some expectation among some people, who directly think that could be advancing in key the change of nomenclature in the new flagship of the Asian firm.

Now this message has unleashed the suspicions of many and opened the door to think that there is a name change in the new terminal. This was originally written in Chinese, but it said something similar to “Equal to 7 or 8 equal to it”. The truth is that the message itself does not have a great sense, but It is true that the fact that it contains the numbers 7 and 8 may give us a thought about the successors of the current OnePlus 5T, which could be one of these models with a more advanced nomenclature.

Leaving aside the mysterious message of Pete Lau, we must remember that this new OnePlus could be the most revolutionary of all we have seen, since it has been confirmed that it will have a notch like the iPhone X, at the top of the screen. While the photos seen so far, they show us a back that reminds us vaguely of the Samsung Galaxy S9, with a camera layout and vertical fingerprint reader. In any case, its presentation is not far away, and it is to be expected that we will definitely know all its characteristics back in May or June. In any case, a change of name seems little justified at this point.

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