OnePlus 3 is going on a flash sale from June 6 and it will trade in 1,000 units at the price of $460. Customers have to buy the new OnePlus 3 smartphone without seeing it. The Phone is going to be launched officially on June 15.

OnePlus wants you to purchase the OnePlus 3 without seeing it first

OnePlus is willing to sell 1,000 units of OnePlus 3 on June 6 via Flash sale in China, but it is intended to go for a launch on June 15. Therefore, if you are thirsty smartphone buyer then purchasing the smartphone before the launch date would be adventurous.

Just the day before OnePlus officially approved their launch date, the OnePlus company announced that they will include a flash sale of their upcoming smartphone on June 6 that means devotees of OnePlus would have to buy this OnePlus 3 handset blindly without even knowing its official specifications and appearances.

According to the rumors, the price listed on the Chinese website of OnePlus 3 is approximately $460 but as we mentioned that it is not the official price tag. However, on this, the company mentioned that they will refund the extra price to the customers once the official price tag is declared, on the other hand if the declared price is higher, then the customers will have to pay the difference.

For the fans of OnePlus, the company is also giving you the freebies which will be worth Rs $45, it will also include 3-month broken screen warranty. As we already said that the phone will be launched on June 15 and the customers who want to cancel their orders can cancel within July 14 to get the refund.

For customers who want to know about OnePlus 3 here are the rumored Specifications :

Specifications (Rumored)

The specifications of the upcoming device are somehow leaked heavily in past few weeks. OnePlus 3 is likely to have Android Marshmallow OS based on OxygenOS 3.0. It will have 16megapixels rear camera with 8megapixel front facing  camera. It will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of ram and an internal memory of 32GB.

According to rumors, OnePlus 3 will have Full HD AMOLED touchscreen, with 3000-mAH battery life and will be available in Light Grey, Black or Gold color, and the phone will weigh around 160grams.

So are you going to buy OnePlus 3 without seeing it? Let us know your opinions!


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