10 Best Online Services To Check If a Site is Down or Up

Web browsers serve as a straightforward way to access the internet. You need to open your favorite web browser, type in the URL on the address bar, and hit the Enter button. Opening any website on the web browser is pretty easy if everything goes well, but it could be frustrating if one of your favorite sites fails to open.

Websites fail to load for various reasons like the internet not working, server-side problems, web browser problems, etc. Although the browser and internet problems could be easily fixed on Windows, you can’t do anything if the site has a server-side issue.

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10 Best Online Services To Check If a Site is Down or Up

If the website you are visiting is inaccessible, the first step is to ensure that the site is up and working. If it’s a server-side problem, it would be unavailable to everyone. In this article, we will list some of the best websites to help you check and confirm if the site is down for everyone or just you alone.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s a website speed check tool developed by Google. Google PageSpeed Insights is mainly used to analyze websites, offering suggestions to speed up the website.

To check whether any site is up or down, paste the URL on the Google PageSpeed Insights and then click on the ‘Analyze’ button. If the website is down, Google PageSpeed Insights will report, ‘The website specified cannot be reached.’

2. GTmetrix


Well, GTmetrix is pretty much similar to the Google PageSpeed Insights that had been listed above. It’s a website performance analysis tool that uses PageSpeed and YSlow to rate your website.

You must enter the URL at the GTmetrix search box and click the ‘GO’ button. If GTmetrix fails to access the site, you will get an analysis error message. That means that the site is inaccessible.

3. IsitDownRightNow


It’s another best websites on the list that monitors your favorite websites’ status and checks whether they are down or not.

The site is relatively simple; paste the URL on the IsitDownRightNow search box and click the ‘Check’ button. If the site is down, then it will tell you. It also lets you check the response time graph and user comments.

4. Uptrends


Well, Uptrends is one of the best sites on the list, which can be used to check whether any particular site is up or down. The site is developed for webmasters to help them figure out if their site is down globally or just in regions.

It checks your websites with 221 different checkpoints. Each checkpoint looks for a successful response, tracks the timing, and generates a report.

5. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

If you are searching for a lightweight and simple-to-use online tool to check if a website is down or up, you need to try this one.

On Down For Everyone Or Just Me, you must enter the domain name to the empty box between the words ‘is’ and ‘down’. Once done, press the enter button, and it will tell if the searched website is down or up.

6. Pingdom


Pingdom is basically an internet speed test website that is very popular amongst bloggers. You need to enter your web URL on this website, and the site will analyze it and tell you about the bottlenecks. If the site is down for everyone, you will get an error message like unable to fetch results or a few web errors.

7. Website Planet

Website Planet

Website Planet is another excellent website that helps you determine whether a particular web page is down across the globe or only on your computer.

The web tool continually monitors the status of your website and checks if it’s up or down. Once you enter the URL, the site performs a status test in real time.

8. SiteChecker


Unable to visit your favorite website? Getting an error message that it’s unavailable? If yes, then you need to give SiteChecker a try. It’s a website that checks if a website is down for everyone or just for you.

To check a website, open the SiteChecker’s webpage and enter the URL. The first row in the report tells whether the site is up or down.

9. Hosting Checker

Hosting Checker

Although not very popular, Hosting Checker is still a good website to check if any particular site is up or down.

Hosting Checker’s good thing is that it checks if the website or IP is up or down from 10+ different servers worldwide. The test results are pretty accurate. Also, the user interface of the site is pretty clean.

10. Isitwp


You can use the website uptime checker of Isitwp to check the availability of any website. You need to enter the website URL in Isitwp’s web app, and the free website will tell you whether the website is available or not. Besides the availability check, Isitwp shows the hosting provider and WHOIS details.

So, these are the best online tools to check if a website is down or up. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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