Recently, the team behind Opera has launched a browser which is completely different from what we are used to in terms of interface.

Opera Neon: The Future Of Web Browsers

Google Chrome apparently leads the world of browsers. Microsoft Edge has been gaining some users lately, and old Firefox remains an excellent alternative to Chrome.

Although not so popular, Opera is one of the best browsers that is currently available today. But try the new and super Opera Neon now!

The team responsible for Opera recently launched a browser entirely different from what we are used to concerning interface. It’s called Opera Neon and immediately conquers the users with its elegance and modernity.

With this browser, the tabs will no longer exist, and a set of icons will be available. The search is also done directly from the browser environment or the interface itself.

However, this new Opera browser which is known as Opera Neon also features a built-in player style, integrated screenshots system, download manager and also screenshots and image manager.

In addition to the elegance of the interface, it also stands out because it supports the split-screen mode, which allows you to place windows side by side, the possibility to customize the working environment (since it uses the wallpaper of our system with background) Highlight fluency! So, if you want to know more, visit here.


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