We all know very well that VPNs are, for many users, the guarantee of much-desired protection and privacy. However, now according to the latest reports, Opera has recently, announced that it has decided to shut down its VPN app for Android and iOS.

BAD NEWS! Opera Shuts Down Its VPN App For Android And iOS

VPNs are, for many users, the guarantee of much-desired protection and privacy. By directing all traffic to a geographically distant point, it ensures the anonymisation of navigations.

Opera had an excellent and free offer for mobile devices in its VPN, but the company decided to terminate this service definitively and already on the 30th of April.

Opera’s VPN solution for mobile devices was launched in 2016 and promised users a free and very important service without any registration. Available for iOS and later for Android, which quickly captivated users.

The end of Opera VPN for Android and iOS

Now, with 2 years of use, Opera has decided to shut down its VPN service, without giving any explanation or justification to users. It was limited to announcing it and giving April 30 the deadline for its use. Probably related to the purchase of SurfEasy Inc. by Opera in 2016.

Being a free proposal, Opera VPN still had the advantage of giving the user the possibility to choose the country where it would be virtually and had no traffic limitation.

In addition to the free version, Opera VPN was still available in a paid version, VPN Gold, which allowed to choose the country of origin of the traffic and offered a greater speed of navigation.

Opera’s compensation for its users

To compensate users of this paid version Opera will offer 1 year of the service of VPN SurfEasy. Users of the free version of Opera VPN receive an 80% discount on SurfEasy services.

Thus comes to an end one of the most used VPNs in mobile systems, mainly by the price factor. Opera had already threatened before it was going to remove its app and its service, but now realized what no user wanted, the end of Opera VPN.

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