Oppo has developed battery charging technology which can fully charge the mobile phone in just 15 minutes. The company announced this technology at Mobile World Congress event held at Barcelona. Oppo at MWC Barcelona presented new Super VOOC technology which will come with upcoming smartphones of Oppo.

Oppo Announces Super VOOC Battery Technology Which Can Fully Charge Mobile in just 15 Mins

The company says that it’s new technology, Super VOOC can fully charge 2500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. It can charge smartphone to 45 percent in 5 minutes.

Oppo is extremely popular in China because of its VOOC technology. The all new Super VOOC charging technology comes with new charging adapter and cable. It supports Micro USB as well as USB Type C ports. This new battery charging technology charges at 5 volts and instantly sends the power to the battery without converting voltage.

In a forum post, Oppo said “Secondly, a VOOC-enabled phone maintains a lower temperature during charging than phones using high-voltage charging systems. High-voltage systems rely on a voltage converter to decrease voltage before power is supplied to the battery. This process, however, is relatively inefficient, and it gives off lost energy in the form of heat, which is the enemy of electronic devices”.

“VOOC Flash Charge however, offers an alternative. By keeping voltage at 5 volts, VOOC eliminates the need for a converter, effectively cutting out the middle man, and making for a more efficient and much lower temperature charging process”.

However, this new battery technology only supports Oppo’s charging adapter and cable. Also, it is not clear whether other smartphones will opt same technology in their smartphones or not.

This technology will be very useful for those mobile users who have to frequently charge their smartphones and have to wait for hours in order to make their smartphones fully charged. If you liked this article, feel free to share it !



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