Most of the time, public parking is frustrating, but Google assistant has now made it easier to pay for parking. Google has rolled out a new feature for Android users that allows them to pay for parking using voice. For this feature, the tech giant has done a partnership with ParkMobile.

Few other features are also added, including a new screen time widget that helps users improve their digital habits.

To pay for parking, Android users just need to say, “Hey Google, pay for parking.” The transaction is done with the help of Google Assistant and Google Pay.

You Can Now Pay For Parking Using Your Voice

You Can Now Pay For Parking Using Your Voice

In a blog post, the company said,

“No more coins, no more confusion. And when you need to check your parking status or pay for more parking, just say, “Hey Google, parking status” and “Hey Google, extend parking.”

Currently, this feature is available for users based in the US. There is no information on the availability in India. In the future, at some point, Google will bring this feature to more locations around the world. Until this new payment method for parking arrives, just rely on the normal ways to pay for parking.

After you ask Google Assistant to pay for Parking, follow the instructions shown on the screen and finish the payment.

According to Google, this feature is only available in the ParkMobile street parking zone in around 400 cities in the US. It is said that in the future, the company is expected to do partnerships with more companies.

Also, there is a new screen time widget that helps offer a glimpse of the three apps that you use most. Just click on the widget to open Digital Wellbeing, you will see a few ways to improve digital habits like daily timers for apps and more.


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