Imagine a Piano simulator-themed app beating the top gaming apps like Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon GO and Clash Royale and becoming the most downloaded game in the Play Store. That is exactly what Piano by Gismart has done. It has emerged in the Top 5 list of most downloaded games worldwide in Google Play in February.

Piano by Gismart is a piano keyboard simulator that features virtual musical instruments allowing you to learn music notes and chords. It is a free app that has become much more than an instrument-learning app. It was first launched as a piano on mobile and gained massive popularity due to its simplicity and high-quality sound. A recent update added mini-games and featuring across Google Play stores put Piano by Gismart on the world map and saw the downloads reaching sky high.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Games Worldwide in Google Play

The latest App Annie report claims that Piano by Gismart has emerged as the 4th most downloaded game in Google Play across the world in February. The app has beat the likes of Pokemon GO, Candy Crush Saga and other games developed by the world’s leading game developers like Activision, Blizzard and Supercell.

Top Apps
Top Apps

Even in the combined Google Play and App Store rankings, Piano is the 8th most downloaded game in the world in February games chart. Within two months with the help of Piano boost in downloads, Gismart downloads across all apps grew from 130 million at the end of December to 160 million in March.


How the Piano App Works?
The reason for the widespread popularity of mini games in the Piano is in its simple mechanics and no need for any musical skills. You can pick any song and start playing its tracks on a piano with hints and tips provided by the app. There is no need to have any previous experience in playing piano. The app shows what keys to be pressed to play the track and all you have to do is follow it.

About Gismart
Gismart, a London-based music app maker founded in 2013. It was only six months ago when the company announced the move to games market and started focusing on adding gamification to current apps as well as developing brand new music games. Gismart also announced working on a social ecosystem of music apps that would let people connect and collaborate musically.

Speaking about recent Piano success in games market, CEO and co-founder of Gismart Dmitri Lipnitsky said: “Right after Piano update, we could see significant growth in daily downloads. Later on, Google Play featured the app across Play Stores and this is when we could feel a real boost. Our daily downloads at its peak reached 500k new users.

It feels great to know that our Piano is liked by so many people all over the world. And, of course, we are very excited to see Gismart making into the top of games chart next to big names in the games market.”

A Dark Horse in Games Chart
With the Piano app emerging at the 4th place in the Top 5 most downloaded games list in Google Play and at the 8th place in Top 10 in Google Play/iOS combined in February, it has proven that simplicity and fun-gamification can be a winner even when you compete against the biggest games titles like Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga. Well done and good luck in the world of mobile games, Gismart!

Piano by Gismart is available for iOS, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


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