The pre-orders for a popular gaming console Play Station 5 will be starting from tomorrow at a third-party retailer Vijay Sales website. From the time the console is launched, there is a shortage of stocks globally.

Every time, when it goes for sale or for pre-order it goes out of stock within a few minutes.

PS5 Pre-Booking Will be Live on Vijay Sales, Croma & Sony Center

PlayStation 5 India Restock: Pre-Book the Console Tomorrow at Vijay Sales

Once again the console is up for pre-booking, and it starts from 12 PM on 27 May 2021. However, this time, only the Standard edition is up for pre-booking and not the Digital edition. The company has posted a banner regarding pre-booking on the official website.

How to Pre-Book PlayStation 5 via Vijay Sales?

According to the latest reports, the Standard edition of PS will be available for pre-booking at the official site of Vijay Sales. You can visit the website tomorrow at 12PM and pre-book the standard edition console. As the console is in high demand, it is obvious that this time also it will be sold out within a few minutes. The price of the console is Rs. 49,990.

Apart from Vijay Sales, you can also pre-order PS5 on Croma, Prepaid Gamer Card, Games The Shop, and on the official online store of Sony ShopatSC. Even on Flipkart, the console is listed as coming soon, but a date is not mentioned.

The Digital Edition of PlayStation 5 comes without a disk drive and is cheaper than the other edition. Both the edition went up for pre-orders on May 17 for the first time in India. Within a seconds both of them were out of stock. With this, we can know, how crazy people are for PS5 and how many are interested in buying it.

So, if you are still trying to buy the console, you can try it out tomorrow at 12 PM, if you are lucky enough you might get it. As expected, the stock will be out really quickly.


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