How to Print to a Windows Connected Printer from MAC

What if you have two computers, one is running Windows OS while the one that you are using for your projects is running on Mac OS, and you need to print your documents, project, etc. while working through the Mac, but the printer is not attached with the Mac and is connected with the Windows.

Here you can also use up your Mac only to give up the print command to your Windows-connected printer, but to do so, you will have to follow up some method as it cannot be directly done through any such option.

Steps to Print to a Windows Connected Printer from MAC

In this article, you will know how to print to a Windows-connected printer from Mac. Just go and read the article as it is given below.

Firstly, ensure the Windows-running computer and Mac are on the same home network. And now, follow the below steps to proceed.

1. Open up the Devices and Printers panel on your Windows computer. You can open it through the Control Panel. After that, you will see a list of devices and printers on the screen attached to your PC.

Devices and Printers

2. Find out the icon for the printer that is attached to the computer and then Right-Click on that icon. Select the properties option from the list of options that appears.

3. On the Printer Properties window, you will see after completing the first step, switch to the sharing tab and click on the option “Share this Printer“.

Share this Printer

4. Open up the command prompt after that and then type up the command that is given below:


After that, check your computer’s Hostname from the Command Prompt, which will appear on your screen.

Command windows

5. Go to the Preferences and open the Printers and Scanners menu on your Mac system. You will have to now add up the new printer to your Mac, and you can do that by clicking the ‘+‘ button from the screen Preferences and Scanners menu.

Preferences and Scanners

6. After clicking the ‘+‘ button, just switch to the Windows tab from there and choose your workgroup. This will be the same as your Windows PC hostname; select that workgroup.

7. Now go to the “Use” menu that you can see on your screen, and then from there, select the “Select Software” option and then choose the Printer that has been connected to your Windows.

Select Software

8. At the end, you must click on the Add button from the Panel options to access your Printer directly from your Mac. Select the Windows-connected printer whenever you print anything from your Mac, and your command will be passed to that Printer.

Note: You must remember that Printer Sharing should be enabled on your Mac. If not enabled, you can enable it by going to “System Preferences -> Sharing“.

So the above discussion is all about how you can easily print out your documents, projects, pictures, etc., directly through your Mac, no matter if the printer is connected to the other PC running on Windows OS.

The method is very simple to follow, and you can also easily print things quietly. Now you won’t need to use different printers for different computer devices running on Mac or Windows.


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