Avoiding to click on infected links is all we can do to be safe online, however what if you don’t click on any link, still your computer gets infected. A strange virus has emerged which is basically a ransomware and it can take control over your computer without even clicking on infected link. Ransomware virus usually took place when the  user clicked on infected link that came via email.

Ransomware Cyber Hack Can Infect Your Computer Without Even Clicking on Infected Link

Earlier, Security carelessness was the prime reason when ransomware took control of the victim’s computer, however this unusual ransomware has the ability to take control of your computer without any human interaction according to a new report by Cisco Systems Inc.

Security Researchers said that hackers use such softwares to target large-scale networks and hold data hostage in exchange for whopping payments. Last month, this strain called as Samas or samsam hit the leading hospital chain, MedStar Health Inc.

It has been witnessed that particularly in such attacks, hackers target backup files and records by encrypting them to prevent the victim from accessing them. Victim can regain the access to the hostage files by paying hefty amount normally $10,000 – $15,000 for full network or $100 – $1000 or more for a single computer. If the victim is having essential data in computers so he/she has only one option, i.e is to pay huge ransom.

Most ransomware still needs a human click or open infected email attachment however Cisco’s report warned that the age of self propagating ransomware is right around the corner.

Last year, there were about 2500 reports of ransomware hackings to the FBI totalling a loss of more than $24 Million.


  1. Ransomware most of internet user infected from this virus. I think backup important data first can help to save from ransomware attack and also help to save momey

    • Ransomware are becoming common day by day. Kaspersky has developed a tool that can be used to decrypt files on computers affected by CryptXXX ransomware. You can check it here –> http://goo.gl/JaP2RJ


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