Hunter Hobbs, a graduate from Oklahoma University had decided to take up the challenge to himself to see the end of Excel sheet. He managed to reach the bottom of excel sheet.

Man Spent 9 Hours Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

The question that might or might not have crossed your mind over the years whether an Excel Spreadsheet has an end? Well, if you scroll down to rows of Excel spreadsheet many have speculated that the rows are endless.

Well, the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet has been found! Thanks to YouTuber Hunter Hobbs who took on the challenge to find the ever-elusive end by keeping his finger pressed the down arrow key for nine freaking hours.

YouTuber named Hunter Hobbs, a graduate of Oklahoma University decided to take up the challenge to himself to see the end of Excel spreadsheet. Hunter Hobbs kept pressing the down arrow key without taking a break or without cheating for whopping 9 hours.

You can even watch his video that he shared on YouTube if you don’t believe!

Well, now you might be thinking what are the total number of Rows Excel have? Hunter Hobbs managed to reach the bottom that came after scrolling 1,048,576 rows!

Let me tell you the secret to reaching the bottom of Excel spreadsheet! You can reach the bottom of the excel sheet in just one second by pressing CTRL + Down Arrow. You can try it right now!

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