A few years ago, WhatsApp got a new feature that allowed users to delete the sent messages. While the feature is useful, sometimes you may want to return the deleted messages.

Even if you never use that feature, sometimes you may clear the chat and later regret doing so. So, is it possible to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Recovering deleted messages on WhatsApp is possible, but it’s not easy. You may have to reinstall the application to get back your deleted messages.

Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Hence, to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, continue reading the guide. Below, we have shared some simple tips to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

1. To Recover Recent Chat Messages

You can recover almost everything which is below 7 days old in WhatsApp. All you have to do is uninstall WhatsApp and install it again. A backup is automatically created by WhatsApp daily at 4 am.

The application stores that data in your phone’s external memory, i.e., your SD card. When you reinstall WhatsApp, it will prompt you to restore your messages. You must tap the ‘Restore’ button and get all your messages back.

2. To Recover Messages Older than 7 Days

It is quite more complex to recover older messages in this application. But it is still possible to get them back.

  1. Go to the ‘Databases’ folder of your memory card. For that, navigate to Card > WhatsApp > Databases. You will find different chat files named “msgstore-date format.db.crypt” in this folder. The date format must be YYYY-MM-DD.
  2. First of all, you have to rename that msgstore file. Give it the name “Old” or something which is related to the filename.
  3. Then review all the files located below. These files must be named on different dates. Choose your desired files and get the one deleted by you by mistake and then rename it back with the older file name.
  4. Get back to the main screen. Delete and reinstall the application. When installed, it will prompt you to restore files; tap the option, and your desired file will be restored and saved as “msgstore.db.crypt“.
  5. Remember that your recent chat history shall be removed when you restore the older file. You cannot merge the recent chat messages with recovered, earlier chat files. You have to repeat the process to get your recent messages back, and it will again delete the old one and place a new file.

So above are the simple tips for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. I hope you all would have liked the article. In case of any query or suggestion, please drop your valuable comments in the comment box below.


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