As we all know Reliance Jio Till now offered high-speed mobile Internet to the 90% of the Indians. Now, Hacker Activist Group Anonymous Claims that Jio is sharing user data without permission with foreign countries.

Reliance Jio Selling User Data To Foreign Countries: Anonymous

Reliance Jio Till now offered high-speed mobile Internet to the 90% of the Indians along with the voice calls and messaging services. Reliance Jio which was previously available to users of only Lyf Smartphones had launched a preview offer for its JIO Sim and extended its services to many other smartphone manufacturers too.

After it was launched, it gave tough competition to country’s top operators. Reliance Jio SIMs are hard to find at the Reliance stores due to high demands. And now the news circulating on the internet claims that Reliance Jio could be making money by selling user call data to targeted ad networks in the US and Singapore without user permissions.

It was actually claimed by hacktivist group Anonymous. Anonymous India, which appears to be an offshoot of global hacker-activist group has revealed that “Reliance Jio could be already selling user data to ad networks in the US and Singapore without taking your permission”

The activist group told The Hindu Business Online that two Reliance Jio apps that are My Jio and Jio Dialer are sending user information to an ad network named Mad-Me. “The website RJio is sending it to claims to be a platform for targeted advertising”

Anonymous India explained the whole process in a blog post and also published a video and also shared the steps to recreate the hack themselves. While responding to the claims made by hacker group, Reliance Jio Infocomm spokesperson said-

“Jio takes its customers’ security and privacy very seriously. In keeping with its highest standards of governance, Jio does not share its customers’ data with any other entity.”

“Any information captured by Jio is only for internal analysis to deliver the better quality of service and recommend offerings from Jio’s product portfolio.”

The same Anonymous group claimed that Rjio chat app Jio Chat was sending data to Chinese IP without any encryption process that simply means anyone could snoop into your shared data and conversation. The hacking group now says that the Jio app is relatively more secure then it was last year.

Anonymous India ended up his blog post by saying:

We are Anonymous

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect Us!