Robots were sent into Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to find the dangerous fuel as this nuclear power plant went into meltdown about five years ago. However, all robots have died due to high amounts of leaked radiation which reportedly destroyed their wiring.

Robots Died in Fukushima While Repairing The Damage At Nuclear Power Plant

On March 2011, 10-metre high Tsunami struck the power station in one of the deadly earthquakes in Japan which reportedly killed about 19,000 people and left many people missing. It took about 2 years to manufacture these robots and they were capable to swim through the underwater tunnels of the non-functioning cooling pools and to remove hundreds of dangerous liquid of melted fuel rods. It shows that the radiation is still active and attempt to eliminate the fuel rods have failed.

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Five Robots were sent to capture the images to estimate the damage and to remove the blobs of fuel with each weighing around hundreds of tonnes. However, no robot returned when they were sent into the reactors.

Aftermath of the deadly earthquake, robots were sent into the core of the plant to eliminate fuel rods including amount of radiation in each building and it was not possible for the humans to enter the core of this nuclear plant. It seems that even Robots can’t resist in a nuclear disaster.

Five years have passed and the researchers from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) [Owner of the plant] can’t still discover the way in order to remove the dangerous radio-active water including melted fuel rods from the site.

However, it is still unsure whether the powerful robots may be the answer to remove the mess from the nuclear plants. Also, technology to make robots which can resist in high levels of radiation doesn’t exist. Tepco researchers may come with different solution.

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