Today almost every smartphone is either using android or ios devices. And both platforms had lots of satisfied customers. Today billions of apps are developed for both android and ios devices that helps user customize their smartphones and make their work easy in every field with the help of this application.

But sometimes, you find more cool apps in another OS while using one of them. Like sometimes, you find an iPhone app much more convenient, but due to OS differences, you can’t use them. But that time is gone as you can now use the ios app on your Android device.

How To Run iOS Apps on Android

This is quite surprising to Run iOS Apps on Android, but now it is possible with a single android app that will work as an ios emulator on an android device, and you can run all your favorite ios apps on your android device. So just proceed with some simple steps below.

iOS Emulator for Android APK Download:

You can experience the iOS app’s excitement thrill on your Android device, making it enjoy the benefit of two operating systems in one.

Features of iOS Emulator:

  • Access the iOS application on your Android device without any problem.
  • Experience the benefits of various iOS applications for having a good time
  • No cost has to be given by the user to avail it on their smartphone.
  • Tested and working, no sort of trouble while functioning.
  1. First of all, you need to download and install the app iOS Emulator Apk iEMU APK from HERE. There you will be completing one survey to download the file.
  2. Now, if you had to download the file to your computer, transfer it to your android device.
  3. Now install the app on your android device. This app will take around 61 MB of your app storage memory.
  4. This app will get installed in your android with the name padiod. 
  5. Now open the padiod app and enjoy any of your favorite ios apps on your android device.
  6. The file extensions supported by this app are .zip and .ipas.

This is awesome work by emuzone, as now you can run your favorite ios app on your android device without paying a lot to get the iPhone and run that app. Also, if your RAM is enough, this will not affect your android device. I hope you like the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries. 


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