Samsung’s flagship smartphone S8 and Note 8 are a big hit in terms of revenue and shipments for the company. Now, the South Korean giant Samsung will soon introduce foldable smartphones and not only that even Samsung itself has confirmed accidentally that it is making a FOLDABLE smartphone.

Samsung Accidentally Confirms It’s Making A FOLDABLE Smartphone

In a matter of weeks, at the beginning of the next year 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be announced as a high-end device in the first half of the year. It is the turn of this new generation after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 later this year.

However, the South Korean company, Samsung is also preparing the Samsung Galaxy X for 2019. It had been rumoured and leaked, and now the South Korean company has confirmed it, by mistake, on its own website.

The Samsung Galaxy X, although similar in its name. It has absolutely nothing to do with the iPhone X. In fact, the South Korean firm has been working on this name for some time before Apple, but the launch of its smartphone will occur later, among other things, by the complication of its design.

It is a folding smartphone, the first device of this type by the South Korean giant, Samsung, which will have a flexible panel as the rest of its latest devices in the high-end, but this time used to make its body folding in two halves.

Samsung itself already mentions the Galaxy X on its website, the folding mobile is coming!

If the leaks that we have received till to the date are not wrong, the Samsung Galaxy X will be the first folding mobile of the South Korean brand. And this is not a challenge only in the design of the terminal, but also in its software as well.

As it is a screen that shows more or less diagonally modifying its body, the interface will adapt automatically to take advantage of the folded and deployed mode, depending on how we have the device at all times. However, all this we have seen in recent months, and the last thing that has happened is that the South Korean giant Samsung has listed the device on its own website, within the technical support section.

Different regulatory bodies have already examined the Samsung SM-G888, which is the Samsung Galaxy X according to various leaks, but for the first time, it has appeared on the Samsung website within the support section.

Now what remains to be known are its complete technical specifications, its availability and price, and the big question: will it be just a limited edition, or will it be mass produced like other models?

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