Samsung Smart Speaker

Samsung  is creating a different type of speaker that will feature the the features  of Bixby, it is a voice assistant software that the company is developing. Bixby was announced with the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and was claimed to be a major feature of the smartphone.

Samsung Is Creating A Bixby Smart Speaker Named ” Vega”

We have seen companies like Apple, the tech giant Amazon and Google both have its own smart assistant and so Samsung has its own Smart speaker on the way.

We had Amazon Echo, then Google Home, then Apple has its own device. Samsung is eager to join the list with its own smart speaker which works in the form of Bixby AI assistant;

gsmarena 001 - Samsung Is Creating A Bixby Smart Speaker Named " VEGA"
Samsungs New Bixby Speaker

while creating a Bixby-enabled voice assistant AI speaker, if we see that Amazon Echo has more dominance over the market with contributing over 70%, the searching capabilities of Google Chrome is immersive and cannot be compared with any other. Microsoft and Apple both have plans for future to launch their own AI based speaker.

samsung galaxys8 17 bixby - Samsung Is Creating A Bixby Smart Speaker Named " VEGA"
Samsung with bixby feature

Apparently, there is a big question arising that the companies own Bixby assistant in the Samsung s8 smartphones does not have full control over English language and there are many parts of the world where these all functions are limited. So it is expected from Samsung to enable more features in the Bixby assistant before launching its own smart speaker out in the market.

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