According to the latest reports, the first details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have already begun to emerge to the surface. Yes, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 benchmark test reveals important specifications.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Benchmark Test Reveals IMPORTANT Specs

The first details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have already begun to emerge to the surface, and they do so with increasing frequency, despite the fact that its presentation is still far away. On this occasion, GeekBench has registered the passage of a model detected as Samsung SM-N960U. A reference that takes us automatically after the track of the flagship device of Samsung and the model has left traces of some of its characteristics.

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ already on the market, the purpose of the leaks happens to become the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The new generation of Galaxy Note acquires all the prominence. A leading role that begins to manifest itself after the series of leaks that have taken place during the last weeks.

With today’s date, the supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been seen through the performance platform of GeekBench and the performance test has identified a new model of the South Korean giant as Samsung SM-N960U. If we resort to the nomenclature used by the company, it would undeniably be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

In regards to the interesting information recorded, GeekBench mainly shows that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been caught red-handed with Android 8.1 Oreo. The truth is that it is a logical characteristic if we bear in mind that the model will not be presented, supposedly, even within a few months.

Similarly, the Note 9 tab in GeekBench refers to the processor and RAM. In this sense, it is not a surprise either, since we are talking about the North American model, which will be available with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

With regard to RAM, the performance test makes clear that the South Korean giant Samsung would bet again on the configuration of 6 GB of RAM, something that we saw in the Note 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ itself.

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