If you are a Samsung fanboi, you might have attended the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event today. At the event, the company announced its Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S24 series will only have flagship smartphones, all of which are ‘AI Phones’.

So, after witnessing the rise of AI, we are now stepping towards the next level, where smartphones can do wonders. According to Samsung, their Galaxy S24 series of AI phones will have many AI features to make you more productive & improve your smartphone experience.

Basically, what Samsung has just announced is unique, and it will be interesting to see how successful the phones will be. Anyways, if you missed the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event and are interested in knowing about the AI features of the Galaxy S24 series, continue reading the guide.

8 Unique Galaxy AI Feature on Samsung S24 Series

Below, we have listed some of the key AI features of the Galaxy S24 series; all are unique and open the door to the era of Mobile AI. Let’s check out the exciting features of Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Phones.

1. Note Assist

Note Assist

Samsung Galaxy Notes app will now have a few useful AI features. The Note Assist is basically an AI feature built on the Samsung Notes app.

This AI feature aims to help you create summaries of long or unorganized notes. Whether you’re typing up a storm or jotting something down, Note Assist can make a long story short for you.

With the Note Assist, you need to start writing, and the AI will format it into a clear, easy-to-review summary later.

2. Chat Assist

Chat Assist

The keyboard app of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have Chat Assist, which will help you compose text messages with AI. This is a great feature because it can also go beyond text messaging.

With the help of Chat Assist, you can pick the right tone for your text to be used on social networking sites, instant messaging apps, and more. Also, the AI feature can translate messages in real time in 13 languages.

3. Android Auto

Android Auto

Thanks to the new partnership between Google Cloud and Samsung, Galaxy S24 users will be able to use the AI features of Android Auto. The feature makes it easier for you to communicate on the road.

With the help of AI, Android Auto can summarize long texts or busy group chants while you’re driving. With the power of AI, Android Auto on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will ensure you can keep in touch while staying focused on the road.

Along with summarizing long texts, Android Auto will also suggest relevant auto-replies and actions you can take without physically interacting with your phone.

4. Live Translation & Interpreter

Live Translation

The Live Translation & Interpreter could be a game changer for the communication industry. The Live Translation is supposed to break the language barrier between the callers as it adds real-time, two-way translation to the Galaxy S24 phone.

Live Translate feature will help you get real-time interpretation while on a phone call. Not only that, but you can even reply back in your own language – it will get translated on the listener’s end, too.

Currently, the Live Translate feature of the Galaxy S24 series supports 13 languages. Also, along with the Live Translate, an Interpreter will allow live conversations to be instantly translated on the screen.

5. Super HDR Camera Previews

The latest Super HDR upgrade on the camera application is another interesting thing about the Galaxy S24 Series. The upgrade turns the camera preview to Super HDR, just like your final capture.

Super HDR takes the help of AI to show you exactly what your super-vivid photos & videos will look like even before you capture them. The feature also works while shooting with social media apps.

6. Circle to Search with Google

Circle to Search

Let’s admit it: while browsing the web, we often see a picture containing multiple things we wish to purchase. Maybe it’s a sweatshirt that a model is wearing or a quote you forget who composed it.

Whatever the item, you can use your S Pen or finger to circle the object and instantly get the Google Search results. Since the feature directly takes you to Google’s search results, you can check other similar options online.

The Circle to Search with Google could be a game changer and is supposed to go a long way to make your online searches better & more efficient.

7. Generative Edit

Generative Edit

Thanks to the Generative Edit AI features of Galaxy S24; you don’t need to be a pro-level photographer or an editor to make complicated edits.

Generative Edit, or the AI-powered editing option of the new phone, lets you get the photo you really want. You can perform advanced-level editings like relocating objects, filling in the blank space, etc, in just a few taps.

Also, an AI Nightography Zoom feature on the phone allows you to capture surprisingly clearer nighttime photos, even while zooming in.

8. AI Photo Editor

The list of AI-based photo editing features of the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S24 series continues. Apart from the Generative Edit and the ability to alter the position of an object in a photo, you get an option to create stickers out of your images as well.

The Gallery app of the smartphone also shows the ‘Suggested Edits’ for photos & videos requiring small refinements. Apart from these, you also get a feature known as Instant Slow-Mo that turns your videos into slow-mo, even when they’re not shot in slow motion. To achieve this, the Galaxy S24 smartphone series uses AI to create frames that don’t actually exist.

So, these are some of the exciting new features of Samsung Galaxy S24 AI. What do you think about these new AI features of the smartphone? Let us know in the comments box below.


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