Samsung Galaxy S7 Comes With Clever Liquid Cooling System
Samsung Galaxy S7 Comes With Clever Liquid Cooling System

Samsung unveiled S7 and S7 Edge this week at MWC event held at Barcelona. Galaxy S7 features clever liquid cooling system which can cool the device in order to protect the device from over-heating.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Comes With Clever Liquid Cooling System

Usually, Smartphones get cooled naturally when we stop using them for a while but Galaxy S7 comes with something unique and fascinating. It has the attached liquid cooling system in the brand new S7 which prevents the device from overheating.

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“Samsung’s senior vice president of product strategy, Justin Denison at MWC announcement labelled this liquid cooling system as air conditioning for your phone. He further said “There’s a tube containing a liquid that vaporizes at high temperatures and then condenses at low temperatures”.

The procedure for the S7 cooling system is quite interesting as the liquid absorbs the heat present in device’s processor where it gets vaporized. The vapor which holds the heat passes through the tube away from the actual origin of the heat and then condenses back into a liquid where the heat is scattered.

This all new cooling system protects the important components of the device like processor as overheating can damage the device’s components which cant be repaired.

Also, in Apple’s iPhone, it automatically turns off the device if it detects the device is near overheating. It protects the components present inside from overheating.

So, this is really a good news for the gamers or those use mobile phones more often as now they won’t have to worry about the overheating of the device. If you liked this article, feel free to share it !


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