Samsung Launches Gear 360 Action Camera

Now it will be easier to create images and immersive video as the tech giant Samsung took this Monday, 2nd May, to launch a new action Camera for its smartphone series Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, which will be able to control the new modern action Camera Gear 360.

The action Camera Gear 360 captures both still photos and video in 360 degrees, thanks to its dual lenses and ball-like design.

Samsung Launches Gear 360 Action Camera

While pairing the device with the application Samsung Gear 360 manager to the smart accessory, you can easily transfer all your photos and recorded videos by the action camera Gear 360.

The best part is that the media recorded by the action camera Gear 360 are automatically gathered in the application, which results in completely immersive scenarios, as the two 15-megapixel sensors can “look around” from one environment to another environment very easily and capture every angle.

The application Samsung Gear 360 manager, besides gathering the images and videos captured by the action camera Gear 360 to create scenarios in 360 degrees, is also able to take a picture or make a recording remotely and transfer the results to the smartphone memory and share them on social networks.

It is also possible, in the same way, using the Samsung Gear VR, the mobile virtual reality headset, to see the media in an immersive way.

But, there is no need to have an action camera Gear 360 to use the application Samsung Gear Manager 360. However, it also serves to manage the catch in general.

It is available for all mobile devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop (or higher version) in the Google Play Store. Still, remote functions work only in the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung still maintains a very restricted practice in the action camera Gear 360 trade, as the action camera Gear 360 at present is only available in South Korea, where each unit can be found for $350 (approximately Rs.23,213 in Indian currency).

However, the action camera Gear 360 is available in all countries, so there are good chances of smart accessories coming soon to other places where the Asian company officially operates.

Samsung has already released a video to teach how to set up and use the action camera Gear 360, starting with the batteries, compatible smartphones, and even the application of resources.


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