Samsung’s flagship smartphone S7 is a big hit in terms of revenue and shipments for the company. Now, the Korean giant Samsung and LG has plans to release foldable smartphones in 2017.

Samsung and LG to Launch 100,000 Foldable Phones in 2017

We have seen Samsung’s smartphones coming with improved RAM, storage, battery and many mind-blowing features, but foldable smartphone from the company could be a drastic change in the smartphone industry, and it could be an innovation for the company and for the entire smartphone market. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung will be shipping a foldable smartphone in 2017.

As the report states that Samsung including its display manufacturing unit, Samsung Display has joined hands with numerous manufacturers to implement the idea of a foldable smartphone and make it a reality.

The South Korean giant, Samsung has been working on technology to develop smartphones with foldable displays since the past three years. The report quotes that it could change into a 5-inch smartphone when folded or can become a 7-inch tablet when opened. The company has joined hands with some local and foreign firms for the technologies needed to make an innovative foldable smartphone.

However, according to the current reports the development of the said device was started in August last year 2016, and it is expected that the South Korean giant Samsung could simply put around 100,000 such foldable smartphones for sale in the third quarter of this year.

But, hold, as the title states another name of the tech giant, LG which has been a competitor to Samsung is also preparing a foldable smartphone under its tent. However, LG could also launch 100,000 foldable devices in the fourth quarter of this year.

Moreover, reports state that the LG’s technology is little better than Samsung’s tech. But, it is something that only consumers decides which one is better. So, for now, we could not guess that which one is the better and who is using the best technology, to do so, simply we have to wait for a while.


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