Samsung is said to be working on a smart contact lens which could be used instead of smart glasses by projecting images straight into the eye via its small display and camera.

Samsung May Launch Smart Contact Lens With Camera

In 2014, Samsung filed a patent for the lens which also consists of antenna and motion detecting sensor according to, however it is not clear whether the patent has been accepted or not.

This wearable device could excellently control the camera via their own blinking patterns and then transmits the captured information back into the smartphone.

The contact lens could be meant as a replacement for smart glasses like Google Glass which was eliminated from sale in 2015 due to worst image quality. Since then, Google has been working on redesigning it including the ones without a screen.

Contact Lens will have advantage over smart glass because the images will get straightly projected into the eyeball through lens which would be slightly of higher quality than those transposed onto an external screen.

Samsung first filed for a patent for a smart-glasses with Bluetooth earpiece and screen like display which it called Gear Blink in 2014. As of now, it seems that Samsung is focusing on VR headsets.

In 2012, Ghent University developed a spherical LCD display fixed within contact lenses which could let its user to read text messages across their own eyeball.

Earlier, Chief project researcher, Jelle De Smet said “This will never replace the cinema screen for films. But for specific applications it may be interesting to show images such as road directions or projecting text messages from our smart phones straight to our eye,”.

Moreover, the patent also tells us that the company is considering on eye navigation instructions and the potential to search online for more information regarding what happens to be looking in real world. Google had earlier disclosed about plans to make a connected contact lens, however the device was purposed to measure glucose level for diabetics patients.


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