Samsung Wins Appeal in $120 Million Patent Dispute with Apple
Samsung Wins Appeal in $120 Million Patent Dispute with Apple

US Appeals Court on Friday overturned Apple’s $120 Million Ruling as it was found that Samsung does not have infringed upon the copyrights of Apple. Samsung was accused of infringing on Apple’s “Quick links” along with two other patents and earlier ruling was in favor of Apple.

Samsung Wins Appeal in $120 Million Patent Dispute with Apple

The U.S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington said that Samsung didn’t infringed in the Apple’s “Quick Links” and two other patents which were covering iPhones “Slide to Unlock” and “Auto-Correct” features are invalid.

However, Apple’s spokeswoman refused to comment on this issue. Samsung’s Representative said she can’t comment on this issue right now.

Apple and Samsung have been rivals since long. The duo has been seen fighting over mobile technology patents since years. In December, Samsung paid Apple $548.2 Million from a sole patent case which Samsung appealed to the US Supreme Court. Apple has won most patent cases.

The ruling in favor of Samsung was issued by concordant three-judge panel of the Federal Circuit, which is the country’s top court solving patent related issues.

On May 2014, Samsung was ordered to pay $119.6 Million by Federal Court in San Jose, California for allegedly using Apple’s technology without their consent.

Quick Links feature allow the device to identify the data on the screen like phone number and attach’s it in order to make a call, which covers about $99 Million of the damages.

The case between two rivals is Apple vs Samsung in the US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit, No. 15-1171.

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