Samsung's Next Smartwatch Will Project Virtual Screen On Your Hand

If we notice then, it is visible that smartwatches could be seeing a major makeover in the coming years. Now we have a popular smartwatch manufacturer thinking about a new way of interacting with your smartwatch.

Tech giant Samsung deals with consumer IT and electronic devices. Samsung patents smartwatches with a virtual user interface concept that will allow the user to project a screen from the device onto their hand.

Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Will Project Virtual Screen On Your Hand

As the tech giant Samsung filed a petition to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it described a device that was not seen before or is impossible to build in the near future, according to tech researchers and experts.

It looks like a rather crazy idea, and there are many obstacles that the tech giant Samsung has to succeed in making this possible. If the tech giant Samsung can do that, then it will be the one way to make smartwatches extremely more and more useful than they are now.

 Samsung Smartwatch projecting virtual screen-4
 Samsung Smartwatch projecting virtual screen-3
 Samsung Smartwatch projecting virtual screen-2
 Samsung Smartwatch projecting virtual screen-1

Here we collected a few sample diagrams of Samsung, showing the interface being used to render a zoomed view of a map displayed on the smartwatch along with the larger dial pad.

Hence, the tech giant Samsung also claims that the UI parts could even be projected onto the back of fingers, extending it even further.

The tech giant Samsung is doing something extraordinary that extends it further and shows the future.

But, we have to remember that there’s no guarantee that the tech giant Samsung will continue working on the idea throughout the past couple of years or will pick up again at any point in the future. So, we hope that the tech giant Samsung will start working on this new concept as soon as possible.


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