This Scary Website Is Sharing Your Personal Information
This Scary Website Is Sharing Your Personal Information

Today in this article we will share about one of the disturbing websites on the internet which stores a surprising amount of personal data — including the name, age, family members, and addresses as well.

This Scary Website Is Sharing Your Personal Information

At this point, many of you might know the news about the innocent site “Family Tree Now,” where you can get detailed information about any person living in the United States (US).

But, simply after discovering a conspicuous amount of personal data and information obtained by the website, that actually includes the age, both current and past home addresses and not only that even it also collected the names of family members and loved ones as well.

Hence, many people started scrambling this week simply to delete all their data and information from a mysterious website as we told earlier, of course, “Family Tree Now”. As an internet user we should always remember that on the internet, there are lots of spooky websites that simply act like a database and collect all the important data and information.

Suddenly people went crazy as soon as they simply recognize that any random person can look up their address, family, phone number, birth month, etc. However, to find all this information, all you have to do is to simply put in your name and state. Even, I tried it out too and you won’t believe it really immediately showed all the places I lived as well as the name of a previous partner which is pretty extraordinary.

While the site import to be a place for generation research, but, now it seems more like a stalking website. Moreover, this stalking website is known as “Family Tree Now” is been around since the year 2015 and it raised to public attention this week only just after an Alabama woman well-known as Anna Britain, referred to the alarm on Twitter.

However, if you are thinking to remove all your details from this creepy website then don’t worry about that as this site gives the option to opt out. But, what we actually don’t know is whether this option really works or not.

But, here is what the site instruct you to simply opt out:-

“Opt Out of Records

If you would like to optout of living people and other records please follow the below procedure exactly. Please read through all steps before starting.

Step 1: After you click the ‘begin’ button below, you will be taken to the search page. Run a search for yourself.

Step 2: After you have found yourself in the results, click on the record detail. Verify that this is yourself and not just someone else with your same name.

Step 3: After you are 100% sure this is your record, click the big red ‘Opt Out’ button that is on the page.

Step 4: You are done. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be processed. Once it’s processed that record will be removed from all places on the site. Note: If you have multiple records that need to be removed, repeat steps 1-4.

Note: If you found your record via a search engine, go back to the exact record, then copy the URL from your browser address bar and submit it on our contact us page here.”

So, if you found this information on helpful? Then simply don’t forget to share your views and feedback in the comment section below.


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