Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send
Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send

Now you can Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send that will help you to share secret files with other with security. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ill the launch of the Firefox Send the users were able to send their large files more than the 1 GB or even larger but through the cloud services. Now before the sharing of large files, the users required to set up the various preferences on the Cloud for the security purposes, as the link to the cloud profile has to be shared. While if the users are to become amazingly secure and fast enough with their data transfers then the cloud cannot be the great option. The Firefox Send is the amazing result of the initiative by the Firefox, this feature is to share the files to anyone through the one-time links or self-destructing links to the cloud storage being provided. Now the feature is all new to the users might need some help to get in touch with its working and get everything about the sending of the large files to anyone with it. Here in this article, we have written about the whole information regarding the usage of the Firefox Send so as to send the large files to anyone. If you wish to know about this feature and hence get to learn every glimpse of the method to use it, just go and read this full post!

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How to Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send

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#1 First of all, know one thing that Firefox Send is not the part of the Firefox Browser Alone but almost every web browser with the net surfing capability could be able to get the benefits out of it. Now to this point, we would say that you can start for the method by opening any of the browsers that you like the most to surf the internet. Next skip to the other step in the method for getting the benefits.

#2 Go to the Address “” This is a kind of portal or the link to the Firefox Send on the internet that could be accessed by anyone at any time. So once you have reached the page linked to this URL you need to follow up certain regulations so that you could share the large file from there. We will be telling you about all the rules in the next steps.

Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send
Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send

#3 Click on the Button named Select a File from Your Computer. A file browser will then launch up on the screen, simply select the file that you wish to share with the friends and then you will be all set to begin up sending it over to other with full encryption. Upload the file and you will then see that the Firefox Send would automatically encrypt the file and then you shall be able to share it over to the friends after that.

Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send
Securely Send Large Files to Anyone With Firefox Send

#4 But wait, will you be able to share it with others by uploading the file? No, it is actually not like that. You would be provided by a unique link to the file that you can be able to share with anyone. The unique link to the uploaded file gets expired after some time and even it is usable for just one single time. It means that the file linked to the URL could be downloaded for just a single time.

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Sending the files security is the matter of fact as an attack on your information may pierce down the privacy of your company or the work etc. Firefox has taken the part to build up the best possible security and safest way to transfer the files or the data through the Firefox Send option. If you are using the Firefox browser then you will like to know that this all-new feature by the Firefox has set up the fire throughout the world, the reason being simple, it is a highly secure way to transfer the files. We believe that you must have liked the information in this article and if it is so then please try to write your opinions regarding this article through the comments section below. Do share this article with others so that everyone could know about the all-new feature of the Firefox browser and full way to use it!


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