Security Experts Exposed Flaws In Browsers

Pwn2Own is a computer hacking contest held annually. This event brings together the most famous and prominent security experts, where researchers and hackers poked holes and found vulnerabilities in Windows Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari of Mac OS X.

The event Pwn2Own, organized by HP(Hewlett-Packard) Enterprise and Trend Micro, was held in Vancouver, Canada. The main victims of this test are Appel Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Security Experts Exposed Flaws In Browsers

These security researchers or experts were able to hack Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on Mac OS X, with the highest award that has been given in the history of this competition.

There were five teams of hackers in two days of competition, three from Chinese tech company Tencent, a team from Qihoo 360, and a solo contestant JungHoon Lee from South Korea.

21 new flaws were found in which Windows came out as the most flawed, and five flaws were found in Mac OS X. Tencent’s Team Sniper won $142,500, and Qighoo 360’s 360Vulcan Team won $132,500, but the solo contestant JungHoon Lee manage to caught the larger amount of money $145,000 among them all.

Security experts found that Microsoft Edge is not as flawed as its predecessor, Internet Explorer, thanks largely to its new code base. However, the hacker teams can successfully attack Safari of Mac OS X three times.

Firefox was not involved in this event since it did not make any major developments to its security during 2015, like Linux. But, among them, all Google Chrome came out as the best because the hacker teams attempted two attacks on Google Chrome, from which One failed, and the other attack worked half or partly.

However, each team manages to bag a splendid amount of money for their hacking efforts. Still, security Team Sniper won a special prize for a successful attack on Microsoft Edge in just two minutes. As usual, all faults are reported to their respective manufacturers.


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