The 11th version of Google’s Hangouts is here, finally the tech giant Google has decided to update it, including something over its competitors as Whatsapp or Telegram is left behind, the ability to send videos in the messages, which today is integrated virtually in all the messaging applications.

Now You Can Record And Send Video Messages On Google Hangouts

Finally the tech giant Google adds support for sending video before the arrival of Allo, as we all know that the tech giant Google few months ago introduced Google Allo, makes its next courier, which already show you how to try and we’ve already seen, but we are still not clear what role it will play in the ecosystem of US services company.

Right now, a few months after its official launch, the tech giant Google wanted to incorporate the ability to record and send videos in Hangouts, something that gives us a clue that despite the release of Allo, is not going to be in the lurch and will continue to receive support, as it has been doing since forever, and improvements from Google, as both function as complementary services.

However, it seems strange that the development team Google sometimes appears more focused on proving the company’s apps that can run perfectly on iOS than on refining the experience for users of the platform itself. Hence, the tech giant Google first allowed iOS Hangouts users to record and send video in February 2014, although with a 10-second limit.

Video Message
Video Message

Regarding the operation of Hangouts when sending videos, we can say that the function is simple, as we can record video within the application and can check it before sending it, but it lacks a little editor that allows us to crop or rotate the video which we have recorded, except that everything in order.

Another development that incorporates this new version is that it eliminates merged conversations in which SMS were now excluded. Yes, it means now the Hangouts and SMS will appear separately. Furthermore, now we can only wait for the Google Allo to see how both the services will coexist.