Learn how to set your Facebook account to delete or memorialize you upon your death which will help you to better represent your account when you are no more in future. So follow the guide to proceed.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]eath is something which everyone has to go through, and after death, many of the changes like property, trusts or other such physical things are renowned, divided or acted upon. Most of the actions related to these, we all have pre-decided in our lives, and this is carried on as such by the living ones, this is something which should also be necessary. Now as death comes on the person doesn’t have the tendency to change the figures of the life to end up because nobody knows when will the death come. Like the physical matters, the person would also be in the digital world and probably have up the online media accounts too, and now after death, these accounts should also come to end or whether the account should delete or memorialize. Let if the account is the facebook then this could be easily set up, know that the feature is used commonly for the legends or the popular facebook starts so that the FB account could be left deleted or either memorialized. Here in this article, we have written the method through which the facebook account could be set to delete or memorialized upon the death, if you wish to apply that up then you could do that by the method. Just go and read the article to know about the method.

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How to Set Your Facebook Account to Delete or Memorialize You Upon Your Death

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow step by step guide below to proceed.

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For Memorializing Account After Death

Just head on to the Security settings of the Facebook and then go to the Legacy Contact option. There provide up to the contact of the friend or appoint the friend for the purpose. Now after your death, your legacy contact would be able to set it to memorialize which could be only done after any of your friends on facebook requests for the memorialize of yours.

Set Your Facebook Account to Delete or Memorialize You Upon Your Death
Set Your Facebook Account to Delete or Memorialize You Upon Your Death


For Deleting Account After Death

Again this could be done through the Security Settings of the Facebook, go to the Legacy Contact option and from there choose “Request Account Deletion”. Confirm up the prompts and then appoint any friend of yours on Facebook to be elected as the one who could take care of your account after your death. If anybody requests on the Facebook for your death then the legacy contact would be able to delete your account after accessing it.

Set Your Facebook Account to Delete or Memorialize You Upon Your Death

In the case of deletion of the account, the account would be deleted after your death while in the case of Memorializing your account won’t be deleted but would be honored by the name possessing Remembering with it. No type of birthday wish add will be processed for such accounts and the account will be locked men’s nobody could access it at all!

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So this was the method through which you could set up your Facebook account in such a way that it would get deleted or show memorialize upon your death. As from the article, you have got up that the method isn’t too difficult but any moderate user could apply it without any issues. This method won’t be rather necessary for the common users but it could be required sometimes by the popular account users on Facebook. Anyhow if you are also willing to apply it to your Facebook then just apply the method.