Let’s admit it: video editing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be very difficult for users who want to create their first video and be creative. However, with the right sets of tools, some sorts of editing parts can become easy.

If you are new to the video editing section, choosing the right video editing tool should be your utmost priority. Proper video editing tools can ease the entire video editing process and reduce workload. This article will discuss one of the best free video editor for Windows, Shotcut.

What is Shotcut Video Editor?

What is Shotcut Video Editor?

Shotcut is a video editor for desktop operating systems that is open-source and cross-platform supported. From video to audio to filters, Shotcut provides you with all sorts of video editing features you can think of.

Despite being a free & open source video editor, Shotcut supports almost all major audio & video file formats because of FFmpeg. Apart from that, you also get other features to ease video editing, like the multi-format timeline, notes panel to keep notes about your project, etc.

What we like most about Shotcut video editor is that it’s 100% free and doesn’t put any limitations on the video length import. Also, it doesn’t add any watermarks to your edited video or audio files.

Download Shotcut Video Editor Latest Version for PC

Now that you know what Shotcut Video Editor is, you may be interested in trying this video editing suite. Shotcut Video Editor is a free tool, and you can get it directly from its official website.

However, if you cannot access the official website of Shotcut for any reason, you can use the downloads we have shared. Below, we have shared the download links of the latest Shotcut video editor for Windows & MacOS. Let’s get to the downloads.

How to Install Shotcut Video Editor on PC?

Shotcut installs just like every other program on your Windows PC. However, if you still need help installing the video editor on your Windows PC, follow the steps we have shared below. Here’s how to download & install the ShotCut video editor on a PC.

1. To get started, download & install the latest version of Shotcut Video Editor on your PC. You can follow the download link we have shared above.

2. Once downloaded, run the Shotcut installer on your PC.

Shotcut installer

3. When the Installer opens, click the Next button to agree with the terms & conditions.



4. Next, select the location where you want to install the software & click Next.


5. Now, you must wait until the installer installs Shotcut on your computer.

installer installs Shotcut

6. Once installed, open the Shotcut app on your Windows PC. You will now see the main interface of the video editing app.

main interface of the video editing app

7. You can now explore the options to know what the video editor can do.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to download & install the Shotcut video editor on a Windows PC.

Features of Shotcut for PC

Shotcut, the open source video editor, sells because of its amazing features. While it’s impossible to list all the tool’s features, we have manually picked & highlighted the most important ones. Check out the amazing features of Shotcut Video Editor.


While the tool being free isn’t a feature, this is one of the main reasons users consider this video editing tool. The tool is 100% free to download & use and has no watermark.

Wide Format Support

The latest version of Shotcut for PC supports the latest audio & video formats thanks to FFmpeg. It also supports a wide range of image formats as well. It can handle almost all major file formats you can think of.

Audio Features

Despite being free, Shotcut provides more audio editing features than other tools. You get audio filters, the ability to adjust the volume, a 3-band equalizer, an audio mixing tool, a tone generator, and a few other features.

Video Effects

Besides the video editing tools, Shotcut provides video effects that can transform your videos in no time. It also supports video compositing across video tracks, deinterlacing tools, etc.

Video Editing Features

Regarding the video editing tools, we can’t recall any tool that Shotcut misses out on. From trimming your video clips to mixing videos together, you can expect all sorts of video editing features with Shotcut.

So, these are some of the best features of the Shotcut video editor for PC. You need to start using the tool to explore all features.

So, this guide is all about downloading Shotcut video editor for PC. Shotcut is one of the best video editing tools you can ever use on your Windows PC or Mac. Let us know if you need more help in downloading Shotcut video editor for PC.


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