We all know very well that the patent wars between technological giants are not at all abnormal. This is the way for many to earn extra income. However, recently, a small tech company from the US sues the tech giant Microsoft for patent infringement.

This Small Tech Company Sues Microsoft For Patent Infringement

The patent wars between technological giants are not at all abnormal. This is the way for many to earn extra income and to ensure that their competition does not have access to technologies that are theirs alone.

The latest victim is the tech giant Microsoft, which is being sued by a small US company and only for the use of 3 patents related to LEDs, used in the flash of the camera.

The tech giant Microsoft is one of the largest patent holders in the mobile universe. It’s from here that you can get some of your income, especially in the world of Android and the companies that use it. These patents are also the way Microsoft gets agreements and partnerships to have its software present.

It is strange that the new case is, therefore, affecting Microsoft. Lemaire Illumination Technologies LLC recently filed a lawsuit in the city of Marshall, Texas. According to this the tech giant Microsoft made use of technology present in 3 patents.

Specifically, Lemaire Illumination Technologies LLC accuses the tech giant Microsoft of using in its Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL the technology in the LEDs of the flash and the way they change their color.

There is still no further information on the case and when it will be judged. There is also the possibility that the tech giant Microsoft will try to reach an agreement between them and solve the case without it reaching the courts.

This is not a normal situation because several manufacturers use the LEDs system in their equipment and with the same functions as the tech giant Microsoft’s Lumia does. Already before Lemaire Illumination Technologies LLC had started a similar process with LG and will likely move forward with others in the near future.

The Lumia 950 and 950 XL are no longer on the market but still are used by many as a daily phone, which may give some force to this process and cause the Redmond company to have to pay a large sum.

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