Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Berkeley and Georgetown defined a sound pattern through which they can hack any smartphone.

Beware! Your Smartphone Can Be Hacked By Hidden Voice Commands

A team of researchers from the University of Berkeley and Georgetown defined a sound pattern, and it can hack a mobile whenever the mobile has enabled voice recognition and virtual assistant, either Siri, Google Now, or Cortana.

The researchers behind this curious discovery have been studying the way in which the artificial intelligence of the different mobile platforms recognizes the voice through the conclusions and can create a new attack vector to hack these devices and access your data.

A “Voice” That Can Hack Any Mobile

It is likely that many think that is not so bad but researchers have tried to show that their discovery can become very dangerous. So here we have a video that shows how they could make a device listening to order do things like opening a web page where a malicious code could be hidden that could take control of the device.

Just imagine if this happens on a large scale in speakers of a mall or at a massive event where many of those who are there have devices in hand and unlocked; just think about the potential attack that could have an attack vector used by someone with fewer scruples than these researchers.

In the end, this is summed up that AI and voice recognition is a technology that is still in its infancy, whose only problem is that it is already present in millions of devices. A convincing case of this problem is what recently happened with the Amazon Echo.

The research paper can be found here, but mostly I refer to the report that has developed in The Atlantic, where the fragility of the seemingly “intelligent” systems, speech recognition and virtual assistants (Cortana, Google Now Or Siri) were illustrated.

The truth is that makes us think that we use with some disregard the technology that we carry in our pocket while we think that the worst thing is that can simply let someone inject the virus in the browser or someone to download something they should not. It is said that the next great human conflict is going to be settled on the Internet, and plays like the video games in the Watch Dogs series present us with a connected world that, at times, seems to us much more fragile than we had imagined.


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