If we travel to foreign countries we carry our passport with us every time. But it is a nightmare to find passport missing as it can create troubles. Thanks to the UK based company, which is working on a new technology that could abolish the paper passports by permitting you to use your smartphone instead of passports.

Smartphone Could Soon Replace Your Passport

The world’s largest maker of passports and British Banknote printer states plans to embed passports on the smartphones. Chief Executive of the company, Martin Sutherland said that  it has began work on the project which will provide secure phone based information which would work at immigration control.

This technology will let tourists to do without the booklets and shift to “paper-less passports” which would work in the same manner as mobile boarding cards do like allowing tourist to travel within the airport without the need of any sort of document, quotes The Telegraph.

Spokesperson of the company said “Paperless passports are one of many initiatives that we are currently looking at, but at the moment it is a concept that is at the very early stages of development,”.

David Jevans from Security firm said “Digital passports on your phone will require new hardware on the device in order to securely store the electronic passport so it cannot be copied from the phone,”.

He further said “It will also have to be communicated wirelessly to passport readers, because doing it onscreen like an airline ticket QR code can be copied or spoofed, he added.

This technology will be a very interesting, as tourist will no longer have to worry about their passports or being vigilant of carrying the passport, as smartphone is going to soon replace it.


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