According to the recent reports by Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, very soon Sony will bring 10 PlayStation games into iOS and Android devices. This latest step of porting is to retain its share in the gaming market amidst rising phone gamers.

Sony Bringing 10 PlayStation Games To iOS And Android

After the success of Pokémon GO and the imminent release of Super Mario Run next week on Apple devices, Sony has taken a step forward. It has just announced that 10 PlayStation games are already in development for smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android, six of them will be available before the end of the next fiscal year.

If you expect to play Uncharted 4 or The Last Guardian on your smartphone, go forgetting it. Sony is passed to the mobile does not mean you let consoles in the background. However, PC-grade gaming on mobile devices may also not be too far away, with Qualcomm officially announcing support for desktop-grade Windows OS on its future Snapdragon-based mobile devices.

The PlayStation games for mobile iOS and Android that has already revealed belong to franchise catalog even years we do not see in traditional consoles. But there are very dear titles like the saga Golf Everybody’s Golf (Hot Shots Golf in the US), the dance game PaRappa Rapper (also released in PS4) or the classic role, Arc the Lad and Disgaea.

Other games announced are No Heroes Allowed! Dash, Doko Demo Issho, Boku no Natsuyasumi and Yomawari. They will come out first in Japan, and depending on its success exported to other countries.

Unlike Nintendo, Sony is getting a big hit with PlayStation 4 (just revealed that has already sold 50 million consoles), so do not need the smartphone market to survive. And even less knowing that its previous experience, PlayStation Mobile, was a failure, to the point of closing in 2015.

But in Japan mobile gaming consoles are moving, and after the success of Pokémon GO and good prospects for Super Mario Run, Sony can not sit with folded arms.

Analysts do not see it so bright in the mobile market as Nintendo future. They criticize the fact that no pets or charismatic can lead Nintendo, how well they work on smartphones. Also advertised games are old and poorly understood, and there is no equivalent in the PS4, so players that attract not have a smooth transition to consoles like itself has Nintendo to attract players moving to 3DS and Nintendo Switch, with Pokémon and Mario.

Moreover, Sony’s mobile games will be premiered next year in April 2017 in Japan, followed soon by the Asian markets, and universal launches will follow soon.