We all know very well that in recent times, Nintendo has bet on releasing retro versions of some of its old consoles. However, now according to the latest reports, the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, of course, Sony to launch retro version of PlayStation One.

Sony To Launch Retro Version Of PlayStation One

In recent times, Nintendo has bet on releasing retro versions of some of its old consoles.

Looking to the success of its competitor, Sony will also be considering launching a classic version of its first PlayStation.

Nintendo has recently decided to relaunch old consoles, in retro versions, as is the case of Classic Mini NES and SNES. These consoles have been a great success, causing that Nintendo is already considering launching a Mini N64 version.

Noting the success of its competitor with these versions, Sony may be considering following the same strategy. This statement came from John Kodera who said that the Japanese company would already be planning the production of a PlayStation Classic Edition, based on the first version of the console.

Here is what John Kodera stated “Our company is always digging up past assets. I think there are various ways of. There have been discussions happening ‘within the company’ on what kind of ways are there”.

However, if Sony decides to move forward with the production of this console, there is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Although several games of the first console are available on the PlayStation Store for download, unlike Nintendo, the big hits belong to third parties who need to give permission for their reissue.

With the success that retro consoles have had, this is clearly a niche where Sony should bet, taking advantage of the large number of players who still have well present the long hours spent playing the great successes of the first version of the PlayStation as is the case Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid.

In addition to the launch of this classic console, news has also emerged that Sony may be considering launching a new portable console to compete with the success that the Nintendo Switch has recorded.

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