SpaceX restarted station deliveries for NASA on friday and in a double victory, successfully landed its booster rocket on an ocean for first time in the history. Despite of several failed attempts to land an rocket without any person in the Atlantic Oncen, Elon Musk’s Space X has finally created the milestone. To recall, last year the rocket exploded in bid to land at ocean.

SpaceX Launches Futuristic Pop Up Room, Lands Rocket At Sea

The landing, the first of a rocket’s first stage at sea, was heralded as yet another milestone for the burgeoning commercial spaceflight industry and its leader, SpaceX.

Musk said “It’s another step toward the stars. In order for us to really open up access to space, we have to have full and rapid reusability,”.

Watch the video :

“After sending the Dragon capsule on its way, the first-stage booster peeled away. Instead of dropping into the Atlantic like leftover junk, the 15-story booster steered to an upright touchdown on the barge, withstanding 50 mph gusts. Engines slowed its descent, supporting legs popped out and the final touchdown appeared neat and clean” states Associated Press.

At the Florida launch site, Elon Musk told reporters that “The rocket landed instead of putting a hole in the ship – or tipping over – so we’re really excited about that,”

His employees assembled outside the company’s glassed in mission control in Hawthorne California applauded and jumped up and down in excitement, and chanted USA, USA, USA when the booster “touched down”.

Associated Press


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