Spotify has just launched a Lite version of its Android app on the Google Play Store. The main highlight of the Spotify Lite is its rather small installation size—around 10MB. Apart from that, the app is also well-optimized to run on slow internet connection.

Spotify Lite Officially Launched In India

Let’s admit, we all love to listen to music. Right now, there are plenty of music streaming apps available for Android that allows users to stream music. Out of all those, Spotify seems to be the leading one. Spotify is right now the best and leading music and podcast streaming service out there that was launched way back on 7th October 2008.

Spotify app was already available on iOS and Android app store, but due to some specific reason, the app was restricted to download in some countries. If we talk mainly about India, the Spotify Android app was made available for Indian users in February 2019. After the India launch, the music stream app, of course, Spotify received lots of positive reviews from the users.

Spotify Lite

The reason why we are talking about Spotify is that recently the company has launched a lite version of the Spotify app on Google Play Store. Just like all other Android lite apps, Spotify Lite app is small, so you’ll save space on your phone, and be able to use it in slow network conditions.

Spotify Lite Officially Launched In India
Spotify Lite

The main highlight of Spotify Lite is its small installation size – around 10MB. This means that the app won’t take up too much space on your phone. Apart from that, the all-new Spotify Lite app is set to stream music at ‘Basic’ quality by default. The company says that on the lite version of Spotify, each song will roughly take 0.5 MB of data on average.

“This small, fast app will make millions of free songs more accessible to anyone who may have an older mobile device, limited storage on their phones, are in poor internet connectivity areas, or just don’t want to spend excess data on listening to music,” says Amarjit Singh Batra, MD – India, Spotify.

The user-interface of Spotify lite remains the same but includes an option to track the data usage while streaming music. Not just that, but Spotify Lite also allows users to set a data spend limit on the app as well. All other things, including the packages, remains the same as of the standard Spotify app.

So, what do you think about the Spotify Lite app? Share your views with us in the comment box below.


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