A student from Japan launched DDoS attack against 444 elementary, junior high, and high schools in the area just to remind teachers that they are incompetent.

Student Shuts Down 444 School Websites to Tell Teachers They Are Incompetent

This is the incident that happened this year on May. Police have filed a case of obstruction of business against a 16-year old student from Japan. The teenager had DDoSed websites of 444 elementary, junior high, and high schools in the area.

Now you might be thinking about the reason what made him do such things? Well, he just wants to “remind teachers they are incompetent”. After the incident, police confirmed that the teen has launched a DoS attack against the Osaka board of educations server which holds the web pages of 444 elementary, junior high and high schools in the area.

The attack actually took place in early November 2015, at that time the student was in junior high school. According to Police, the attacker blames the school environment for his actions.

The student confessed that the reason what make him do this type of activity he said: “the teachers never let the students express themselves in the classroom”. “So, I thought I would remind them of their own incompetence. It felt good to see them have problems. I did it several times,” the boy said.

Not only this the student also said that he had ambitions of joining the hacktivist group Anonymous. Police seized the student’s computer and some books about hacking. It is believed that he downloaded a DDoS tool which sent large volumes of data to the Board of Education servers which made rendering access impossible for almost an hour.

The same incident was also marked as the first time in the history of Japan that a cyber attack was launched against a local government. For such crimes, a person could face the 3-year prison sentence of 500,000 Yen fine.

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