Microsoft's Secret Surface Phone Is Coming Soon: First 'Andromeda OS' Game Reveals
Microsoft's Secret Surface Phone Is Coming Soon: First 'Andromeda OS' Game Reveals

Recently, a brand new racing game or you could say the first Andromeda OS game popped up on the tech giant Microsoft’s app store which clearly indicates that the tech giant Microsoft’s mysterious Surface Phone is coming soon.

Microsoft’s Secret Surface Phone Is Coming Soon: First ‘Andromeda OS’ Game Reveals

Recently, a brand new racing game for Windows 10 popped up which is not related to Forza Motorsport or any company property.

We are talking about Miami Street and it supposedly runs on Andromeda OS. As the tech giant Microsoft is currently working on Andromeda OS. This is an open secret from a few months ago when the first leaks began to appear.

However, it is a free download racing game that completely forgets the Forza simulation since it offers a complete experience with quick-time events, which allows the competitions to be more cinematographic.

Moreover, the tech giant Microsoft has not yet officially announced the game, but, the app package metadata simply confirms that the game could be played on Andromeda OS. Here’s what the game description reads:-

“We’ve got some exciting news to share. We proudly announce Miami Street, a project that Electric Square has been working on with our partners at Microsoft Studios. Developed to be played on any Windows 10 device, Miami Street is a new kind of racing game, built for a broad audience who love easy to pick-up-and-play experiences.”

The game was developed by Electric Square and apparently has a phased release since at the moment it is not available in all territories. To make matters worse, it includes achievements, so those who want to increase their gamerscore could take a look. It also has saved in the cloud feature to play on all different Windows devices.

As mentioned above, downloading Street Miami is free, although it has some limitations. Like most free games, it has a mechanical energy point that recharges every 4 minutes, although it is also possible to get more points in exchange for gold, the game’s digital currency. Also, cars suffer wear after a certain time, so a repair kit is needed.

At the moment, the tech giant Microsoft has not released all the details about Street Miami, so we’ll have to wait to receive new information.

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