Tech Viral Team

Just like a real company, we have staff! They work and get paid too! Remarkable, we know. Let’s take a minute to introduce the Tech Viral team…

Editorial Staff:

Manpreet Singh (CEO and founder of Tech Viral)

Manpreet Singh – Editor-in-Chief

Manpreet Singh is the Founder of TechViral. He is a young Entrepreneur who is managing Tech Viral & Also an aspiring blogger and Chief Editor for Tech Viral. He is an Experienced Blogger, SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, Certified Web Developer & Social Media Expert.


Amarnath Chakraborty

Amarnath Chakraborty – Content Creator

Amarnath Chakraborty is the content writer at Tech Viral. He writes/edits how-to tips and tutorials, especially on Social Networks, Android, iPhone, computers, the Internet, etc.


Amarnath Chakraborty


An individual, optimist, homemaker, foodie, die-hard cricket fan, and most importantly, one who believes in Being Human!



Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma – SEO Consultant

Harsh is a 24 years old Tech Enthusiastic, Passionate Blogger, SEO-Expert. He Has 6 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing and Holding Multiple Digital Assets. He Helps Many Organizations with Their Site’s SEO and Stands out on the Web.