Have you ever thought if you could rethink human communication? Well, we use fingers to type computer keyboard, same on smartphones. But, what if you could control a computer screen with your eyes? I know it’s hard to believe but this is what a Silicon Valley-based Startup Eyefluence is working on.

Soon You Can Control Your Computer With Your Eyes

The Silicon Valley-based Startup Eyefluence is really been working hard to create augmented reality glasses which are equipped with the camera. According to this prototype, this will keep track of what you’re looking at. You just need to look briefly at a computer screen to click it.

According to Eyefluence, this technology could be helpful in many ways. You can buy tickets online, buy the dress or even send photos to your friends and that too without lifting a finger. It is totally a hands-free system. Jim Marggraff said the technology “moves as fast as you can think” and he also mentioned that unlike other eye-tracking technology, Eyefluence works “without winking and without waiting.”

Eyefluence has faith on the movement or structure of living organism which we can say biomechanics. The team also claims that they are having the first interface that is completely based on eye-brain connection.

The company mentioned “Leveraging eye biomechanics and the eye-brain connection with the first-ever eye-interaction technology solution for HMD devices, we are expanding human potential and creating new possibilities in VR, AR, and MR worlds”

According to the sources, a few times earlier Eyefluence team said “We don’t force you to do strange things. We have developed a whole user interface around what your eyes do naturally so that it is fast and non-fatiguing. And easy to learn. We think of the range of things that can be presented in VR. You can surround yourself with a huge amount of information. We see that as a change in how humans can process information, solve problems, learn, and communicate.”

TechCrunch Reported that Eyefluence is said to be working with some big brands to blend their technology into future products, but they are unwilling to share where or when. “We are working with the major manufacturers of head-mounted display devices”