There’s a myriad of tech trends we’re watching that can change the world once again in the current year. Here are the five tech trends that can dominate 2017

5 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Well, 2016 was the year you would like to forget. Because 2016 have some never-ending stream of bad news that all shows it was a tough year. Well, the year 2016 also be remembered for bringing some important tech breakthroughs that changed how we like, work and play.

Now the year 2017 has arrived and what do we expect in the new year? Well, there’s a myriad of tech trends we’re watching that can simply change the world once again in the current year. So, here are the five technology trends that are likely to dominate 2017.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The previous year we saw the success of VR and AR gadgets like Oculus Rift and games like Pokemon Go which was a huge success. The are countless other apps that were released in the year 2016 just after the success of Pokemon Go. So, get ready to see the AR and VR versions of things that go beyond capturing animals and immersive gaming.

AI And Automation

As the tech giants had already shown us a lot of automation. This is widely getting the more commonplace. Well, thanks to better AI and chatbots that can understand the context a whole lot better than ever before. A few days ago we have seen Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his personal AI Jarvis which he claimed can control the entire home. So, we can expect that AI will play a key role in everyday life and more and more jobs will be automated.

Smart Wearables

Well, wearables suffered a lot in 2016, the smartwatch category tumbling 52% in the third quarter of previous year, as reported by IDC. However, they are not dead because of the increase of sales in basic wearables like fitness watch in the same quarter. So, there will likely be a major reconfiguration of the devices that are becoming increasingly invasive and more capable of analyzing data to more proactively help users lead healthier lives. So, smart wearables are likely to dominate in 2017.


IoT or Internet of things will be represented in every product shown in one form or another. You will find connected devices and IoT-related products in every new wearable and health-related devices even in vehicles. So, we could assume that every electronic product will have the same form of connectivity.

Blur Between Physical And Digital

As we all know more and more people now own a smartphone. Our smartphones can do pretty much everything. So, we are likely to see a more of a blurred line between physical and digital worlds. Like we are looking for navigation services to get even more specific maps in a store’s app. So, very soon the virtual objects and information will be displayed on the top of the physical world, will make its way to out of phone which is called “Augmented Reality”. Search giants are already working on image search based on augmented reality that allows users to point the camera at something and search for information based on what the camera lens takes in.

So, these are just the highlights of what things will be the trend in 2017. If you think we’ve missed something, then feel free to leave a comment with your opinion in the comment box below.


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