Telegram is working on new features like QR Codes, Widgets, and other features in the latest beta version. The QR Codes will have support for group chats, and options to report. The beta version 7.5 of Telegram is seen testing these new features.

Telegram Testing QR Codes & Other Features in Latest Beta Version

Telegram Testing QR Codes & Other Features in Latest Beta Version

The QR Codes feature in the Telegram app will be used to invite people in group chats and channels. Moreover, it is also testing a way to check the group chat invite links. Admins can allow people to use the link for some time or till the member limit is reached. Telegram is testing another feature for group chat admins who will set a custom timer for messages to auto-delete the messages.

All the telegram users will also get an option to report the content on the app. Anyone can report content that includes spam, violence, child abuse, or others. At once, the users can report multiple posts.

Widgets are also coming on the app. There will be two sizes available whether one 2×2 widget the smaller one and the other is 5×2 bigger one. The small Telegram widget has four thumbnails with unread messages and the bigger one shows previews of the chats and channels. By default, the widgets also show contacts with whom you interact the most but you can change it.  The app might get support for selected users to chat and comment in the channels.

There are reports that the app is also working on a new chat type called a broadcast group that is similar to the channel.


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