Want to know whether your phone has spyware or not? Check out the 8 best methods to Detect Spyware On Android in 2020.

It’s no doubt that modern smartphones are fascinating and they are more like a little computer where we can store our essential files. Not just storage, Android smartphones provide us enough power to enjoy our digital life to its fullest.

However, nothing is fully secure in this digital world, not even out smartphones. There are always plenty of possible spies to be worried about. Hackers or cybercriminals will leave no stone unturned to grab your personal information. Since Android smartphones are now becoming similar to computers in usability, Spyware and viruses are becoming more widespread.

How To Tell If Your Android Phone Is Being Tracked (Detect Spyware On Android)

Actually, in our digital life, Privacy is one of the biggest issues, and if you are worried about whether someone is tracking your smartphone through spyware, then you have landed to the right page. Here in this article, we have decided to share some methods which will help you to find hidden spyware on Android. So, let’s check out how to Detect Spyware On Android in 2020.

1. Check for the Unusual Behavior

Detect Spyware On Android
Check for the Unusual Behavior

If your phone has spyware or tracking software installed, then it will act weird for sure. So, if you are experiencing unusual and strange phone behavior, then there are chances that you are getting tracked. Users need to look for strange behaviors like Phone display turned on, shutting down automatically, making strange sounds, finding unusual apps, etc. These things would help you Detect Spyware On Android.

2. Check The Battery Consumption

Detect Spyware On Android
Check The Battery Consumption

We are pretty sure that after using your smartphone for a week, you might have become familiar with the battery patterns. However, if you have recently noticed any unusual battery drainage issue, then someone might be spying on your phone. The reason behind battery drainage is simple, Spywares and tracking apps use GPS facility which can drain your phone’s battery quickly.

3. Check For Beep Sounds During The Calls

Check For Beep Sounds During The Calls
Check For Beep Sounds During The Calls

If you are worried about if someone is listening to your phone calls, then you need to look for unusual noise or sounds during the call. Usually, people hear a simple beep sound during phone calls just like call recording apps. If you are having a bad connection, then worsened call quality is expected, but if you are hearing an unusual sound or experiencing degraded sound quality during the call, then there are higher chances that your calls are being recorded.

4. Check Your SMS Inbox

Detect Spyware On Android
Check Your SMS Inbox

This is another best way to Detect Spyware On Android. Some spyware or tracking apps are found sending strange and unusual text messages to unknown phone numbers. The message usually contains codes or symbols which need to be decrypted. So, you need to check the inbox for outgoing SMS. If you have noticed any such SMS, then there are higher probabilities that your phone is being spied or tracked.

5. Frequent Reboots

Frequent Reboots
Frequent Reboots

Random reboots and shutdowns on Android also happen if you are using an outdated Android version. However, if you are using a stable and updated version of Android, but still your phone is rebooting on its own, then it might have spyware software installed. However, spyware is not always the possible reason behind frequent reboots and shutdowns, because any unstable third-party apps can also raise such issues.

6. Check Data Usage

Detect Spyware On Android
Check Data Usage

Since Spyware and tracking apps are meant to exchange information, these apps can significantly increase your phone’s data usage. So, if you haven’t streamed any HD videos or installed any games, still your data usage graph is about to exceed the limit, then you need to check for the Spyware apps. There are lots of Android Data Manager apps available on the Google Play Store, and you can use any of them to monitor your internet usage.

7. Look For Suspicious Files

Look For Suspicious Files
Look For Suspicious Files

Hackers and cybercriminals are now becoming smart, and they are implementing an advanced technique to create spyware. You won’t believe it, but some spyware apps can hide from the App Drawer. However, the file manager app can explore all hidden things. So, if you are worried about getting tracked through the phone, then you need to open the File Manager app and check for unusual files and folders. You can also check the data folder to get a more clear idea about the installed apps.

8. Check For App Clones & Permissions

Check For App Clones & Permissions
Check For App Clones & Permissions

This is one of the most important things to detect spyware on Android. While installing any app or game, users need to check for the app permissions. There are lots of Android spy apps available on the web which can ask for Screen overlay permission. Hackers now use a new technique known as Smishing which creates an overlay on top of banking log-ins to steal your credentials. So, make sure you are on a secure site (HTTPS) before entering sensitive information. Also, look for app clones through Settings > Apps as spyware sometimes hides as app clones.

So, these are the eight best ways to Detect Spyware On Android. If you have any other doubts, ask us in the comment box below.


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