Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11
Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11

Learn how to Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11 that will help you to secure your device from authority logins in your mobile phone, So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ouch ID improved the experience for the users to log into the Apple Smartphones and the users do know about the fact that this amazing feature just changes the way and the speed to enter into the locked device. There is efficiently a no time taken by the Touch ID users to pass through the phone encryption and hence unlock it. This is a kind of biometric lock system that has enhanced the system protection while also making it super fast without any additive barriers. Apple when introduced this feature in its devices, it has not provided the users with the ability to stop or disable this feature. Now with every Apple device running the iOS 11, the apple has added the capability to disable the Touch ID for some preferred time that the user is able to choose likewise. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the users can actually be able to temporarily disable the Touch ID. If you own the device running on the iOS 11 and you wish to disable the Touch ID feature then please read this post and acquire the whole information provided here below!

How to Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11:

#1 Ensure that you have the latest 6th version of the iOS 11 installed on the device. You must check for it through the Software Update settings of the device settings. Generally, it is required to check for it because the Touch ID cannot be disabled on any other version of the iOS 11. Or basically, this method just won’t work at all.

#2 Just click your power button for 5 times rapidly and this will initiate the SOS on your device. Note that do not tap on any of the options on the SOS screen but simply exit it by touching the cross button. After that when you will try to unlock the device there will be a kind of PIN asked to be filled.

Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11
Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11

#3 That’s all you know that after the above two steps you have bypassed the need for the Touch ID and you will not require to use your recognition for entering into the device. The PIN would be then asked from you which you can simply fill in and everyone else can also do the same to get the access of the device.

#4 Through the Above steps you Just bypass the Touch ID for one single time and if you wish to pass through it every time then repeat the process. This PIN will be the only requirement for entering into the iOS 11 device that has been locked with the Touch ID.

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Here in this article, we have provided you with the best practices or the method through which you can be able to disable the Touch ID in iOS 11, this latest operating system from the Apple has this amazing feature which the users can choose to either stop or remain on for usage. Believe this that any beginner to the iOS can be able to utilize the method for the disabling of Touch ID. Yet if some of you people tend to face the problems to implement up the method they can get the fullest support from our side through the comments section. Just paste about your issues and we would try to respond as quickly as possible. Please share your opinions and reactions to this article inside the comments section. Also, share this article so that our work can reach to the most users, e would be thankful to you for that!


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