Thief swipes Galaxy Note 7 while Its owner Is napping in a Café – Probably regrets It immediately afterward when the phone explodes.

Thief Steals Galaxy Note 7, Phone Explodes Immediately

Recently we have seen Samsung permanently suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7 because of its explosive nature. There are some serious problems in the factory battery anode and cathode cell contacts which cause the phones to explode.

The incident that we are going to share today will define the true meaning of “Unlucky”. If we leave behind the explosive nature of Galaxy Note 7, then we must agree that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 does look attractive, the large curved screen and premium finish all gives a catchy look.

One thief might have taken the best advantage of the opportunity presented to hum but he didn’t realize that the smartphone he is going to steal is a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. One thief saw a golden opportunity inside an internet café at Hefei.

The owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was taking a nap which encouraged the thief to steal the phone. Leaving premium phone like Note 7 visible to unwelcoming eyes only means that the phone is going to be lost from owner’s possession.

However, due to Note 7’s explosive nature the smartphone exploded shortly after the thief stole the phone, leaving him with a worthless pile of burnt technology. Police managed to recover the remains of the exploded smartphone but apparently they are yet to grab the thief.

As expected, Internet users who can also be called as netizens took the internet to deliver the incident with some dry sense of humor. Many netizens claim that Samsung’s latest anti-hacker technology are what kept the theft away.

Many other claimed that the owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had thief-proofed the device to make it self-destruct. However, if you still hold Samsung Galaxy Note 7 then replace it ASAP in your nearby Samsung Store.