Man Dressed as an Apple employee managed to steal 19 iPhones from NYC Apple stores which are worth $16000. The police are still investigating the incident and Apple has not yet issued any official statement on the incident.

Thieves Dressed as Apple Employees steal iPhones worth $16,130

Many times we have seen in movies, where ordinary people dress up like a professional, wandering here and there in VIP Stores and what they end up doing like shoplifting. Something similar type of occurrence happened in Manhattan last week.

Apple may have to rethink to replace their blue uniform after thieves robbed an Apple store in daylight which is located in New York city SoHo location. According to the sources, the thieves who were dressed like an Apple Store employee managed to steal 19 iPhones.

Police said that “The thieves dressed similarly to store employees — who usually wear blue T-shirts imprinted with an Apple logo — and walked right into an electronics repair room”

The New York Police Department also mentioned that “The thieves grabbed the iPhones from a drawer which is in the repair room, then passed them to another partner in crime. Then they hid the iPhones under his shirt and they walked out of the store”

According to the Police, the thieves managed to steal 19 iPhones that are worth $16,130 which is a huge loss. Police are still investigating the incident, Apple has not yet issued any official statement on the incident.

This is not the first time, something like this has happened. In February, women who accurately dressed like an Apple employee took away 8 iPhones from an Apple store. However, what actually encourage this type of incidence was Uniform of Apple employees.

The Tech giant Apple employs almost 100 people on average per store, so it becomes a very troublesome task to find out the robbers in between the employees especially if the criminals are dressed just like an Apple’s employee.


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