This device is a 4-in-1 device which is announced at CES 2017. As you can use it as an Android smartphone, a Windows Computer, a 3D screen tablet and a camera as well.

This Device Is A 3D Screen Tablet, Windows Computer, Android Phone & Camera

The French company GraalPhone wants to create the same device an office on the go: Convert the GraalPhone into to a smartphone, tablet, netbook and camera with 3D function. At the CES the manufacturer has shown a first mockup of the device.

The CES is experience, not poor in whimsical devices – at the fair in 2017 the Graal Phone one of them. The French manufacturer of the same name wants to create the ultimate mobile office and brings in the device a netbook, a tablet, a smartphone and a 3D-enabled camera.

At the beginning of this year’s CES, the manufacturer has shown the product for the first time – but so far only a non-functioning Mockup. We have looked at this more closely, technical details, however, has hardly betrayed Graalphone.

The Graalphone looks like a Nintendo 3DS. If we open the 7-inch screen, a full-sized keyboard appears. Then the Graalphone is to be used as the netbook, as the operating system is used Windows 10. The display can be folded backward by a total of 180 degrees and then pushed downwards – thus the Graalphone becomes the tablet.

In the case itself is inserted a small smartphone running Android. According to the company, the phone of the finished Graalphone will have a 5-inch display. The smartphone unit should only have a small battery since it is most of the time in the main unit and is constantly charged there.

On the back is a camera with optical zoom and large xenon flash built-in. The smartphone also has a camera, thanks to a small opening in the case which is also visible when the mobile phone is plugged in. This is to enable users with the Graalphone to make 3D photos. The screen of the device should be like the display of the Nintendo 3DS stereoscopic recordings without other aids can display.

The manufacturer has hardly revealed any technical details. Earlier records reveal a bit: Thus, the main unit will contain an Atom processor of Intel with 4 GB of memory, 256 GB of flash memory, a Micro SD card slot and an HDMI output.

While if we talk about the small smartphone, then it will have a Qualcomm processor of the latest generation, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of memory and two SIM card slots. According to the manufacturer, the Graalphone will cost about 700 euros and will be available until August 2017. Depending on how far advanced the prototype is, this sounds like a very ambitious goal.


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